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Tye Haas

Loan Officer

Ever since I started in the mortgage industry it has always been about one thing, customer service. It has been and will always continue to be about real estate agents and clients. It is a huge honor to work for a company that shares that same value. Movement loves and values people far more than they value the bottom line of the company.

We at Movement understand how stressful the home loan process can be. This is why we created upfront underwriting and a 7 day processes to clear loans, not because we want to make it easier on ourselves, but because we want to make it easier on the families on the end of the loan. With upfrontunderwriting we do not have to wait 30 to 60 days to find out if we can approve it or not. Instead we know within the first day of it being submitted what our decision will be and is then conditioned for any remaining items we may need. From there 72% of our loans are processed within 7 business days. We understand the stress involved with buying a home, there is no reason to wait 45 or 60 days for a loan all while adding more stress onto the process.

I am committed to this process and confident we can help you get into your home faster and with less hassle than other companies out there. I have the processing and operations background and have personally seen this processes work on hundreds of loans. Let me show you why the Movement way is the only way to bring families home.

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